Kenilworth Avenue and Town of Cheverly Industrial Study

Latest Update

The Kenilworth Avenue and Town of Cheverly Industrial Study is now available online.


The Kenilworth Avenue and Town of Cheverly Industrial Study provides an implementation strategy for revitalizing this older industrial area. It offers recommendations on what industries or businesses may be appropriate for the area, how to attract these uses, and what infrastructure and environmental improvements may be required.

The Kenilworth Avenue/Town of Cheverly Industrial Area Study evolved from a series of conversations with officials of the Town of Cheverly regarding the industrial areas immediately adjacent to their municipality.


The town expressed concerns that many of the current industries on either side of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway do not meet the needs of the surrounding residents and are not positioned to benefit from emerging 21st century industrial trends. Additionally, they are concerned about positioning the area to take advantage of any changes to the use of the Cheverly Hospital, which is located immediately north of the industrial area. As a result, this project was added to the Planning Department's work program.

Board Approval

The Planning Board hearing for Approval to Release was held Thursday, September 10, 2015. The Planning Board approved the release of the final Kenilworth Avenue and Town of Cheverly Industrial Study.

Area Information

The industrial areas, which are adjacent to the Towns of Bladensburg and Cheverly, are an important economic asset for the County. They support a wide range of jobs and the local tax base. The Anacostia River, which is adjacent to the industrial area, is a significant but highly underutilized and inaccessible environmental resource. The area is also impacted by places that are visually unattractive, confusing to navigate, and inappropriate for the next generation of uses. Proximity to major regional transportation routes is both a help and a hindrance. Although nearby major highways and arterials provide excellent regional connections, the study area is bisected by multiple highways and railways that pose challenges to access within the area and access to nearby transportation corridors.
Larger Kenilworth Cheverly Industrial Study Area Map